does my cat need a haircut?

Is it serious if you cut a cat‘s hair? Well, it depends. In general, cats do not need a haircut because their fur protects them from adverse environmental conditions, but it is true that in some cases, such as when it is too hot if it is dirty or he has skin or digestive problems, cutting a cat’s hair can have certain advantages. If you want to know if you can cut a cat’s hair, how to do it, and what are the benefits and contraindications.

Can you cut a cat’s hair?

The hair of our cats serves as insulation and protection against temperatures and environmental aggressions; therefore, it is better not to cut it because it slows down the absorption of heat thanks to the air pockets that form inside.

Cutting a cat’s hair removes its protection against external agents such as wind, sun, rain, and extreme winter temperatures. This does not mean that it is always contraindicated to cut a cat’s hair, but it is important to avoid overdoing it.

Another important aspect to take into account is whether our cat has long or short hair because in cats of long-haired breeds, there is more possibility of cutting their hair and it may even be advisable to avoid knots…

We can also cut the hair of cats that have digestive or dermatological problems because long hairs constitute a risk of the formation of hairballs or trichobezoars. Also, in summer, when it is hot, you can cut the hair of long-haired cats to allow them to be less hot.

Therefore, if your cat meets these conditions, there are more advantages to cutting your cat’s hair than contraindications.

How long does it take for a cat‘s hair to grow?

When you cut a cat’s hair, will it grow back? Some cat owners may ask themselves this question and the answer is yes. The time it takes for a cat’s hair to return to its usual length depends on several factors. The duration is therefore variable.

While some cats grow hair quickly, others need more time. Generally speaking, the average time for hair regrowth is a month to two. It should also be noted that in short-haired cats, the time required for the hair to reach its maximum length is much shorter than in long-haired cats, which need more time for their hair to regain the same length. cut.

You may have noticed that your newly grown cat’s coat has a different color and texture, but this is usually temporary and will eventually return to its usual shape, consistency, and color. In some cases, these hairs may change permanently, but this is rarely the case.

When to cut a cat’s hair?

You can cut a cat’s hair from the moment it can thermoregulate, that is to say from the first 3 or 4 weeks of life. In addition, if they are used to them from an early age, the trauma will be much less because, as you well know, cats are animals that stress very quickly.

A haircut is accompanied by the noise of the clipper and many contacts with your cat, which tends to stress him. It is therefore normal that cats hate having their hair cut. To avoid this stress or reduce it, it is best to get your cat used to haircuts from an early age.

How to cut a cat’s hair?

If you’re wondering how to cut a cat’s coat, there are three options available to you; Cut it yourself if your cat is used to it, take it to a cat groomer or take it to the vet.

How to cut a cat’s hair at home?

If you choose to trim your cat’s hair at home, you need to have space and time to devote to your cat. The first thing to do is to wash your cat, once he is clean, brush him to untangle his hair and remove any dead ones.

After having properly combed and detangled his hair, and to facilitate the work of the mower, you must cut the longest locks. It should be noted that electric clippers are not recommended for certain areas of the cat, such as the areas around the ears or the eyes, which can be injured more easily. You should start by trimming the back from the neck to the base of the tail. If your cat is stressed, you should do so carefully and never yell or force it; if he can’t stand it, you should take him to a professional veterinarian.

How to cut a cat’s hair at the vet?

If you decide to take your cat to the vet for grooming, take advantage of this visit to also get a health check, deworming, and/or vaccination depending on your cat’s needs. However, you should know that they are veterinarians and not groomers, so you can’t ask them for too fancy cuts. In addition, the veterinarian will administer a sedative to your cat so that the process is not too traumatic for your best friend.

How to cut a cat’s hair at the groomer?

A cat grooming salon is undoubtedly the best place for your cat to get a great haircut. They specialize in combing, bathing, and trimming cat hair, so it’s a good option if your cat is stressed and you don’t dare trim it yourself at home.

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