Birds are one of the most common pets, this is so thanks to the incredible variety of their colors, their magnificent song as well as for the general beauty they give off. On top of all that, they’re usually easy to care for as they don’t really need large spaces inside your home and feeding them doesn’t require much effort. However, it is essential that the size of the cage is adapted to your bird, it is also essential that you know that all birds need to be able to enjoy a few hours of flight in total freedom every day. In addition, you must also take him regularly to a veterinarian, a specialist in exotic animals, in order to always keep an eye on the state of health of your pioupiou, you must also offer him good quality food and establish a hygienic and deworming routine.

Have you just adopted a bird and can’t decide on a cute bird name? Do not worry! because at MyAnimalpet, we thought of you…

  • Names for male birds

You have a male bird and you don’t know what name to give him? Try to think of names that will bring out the beauty as well as the personality of your bird. Here is a list of male bird names, we hope you like it:

Alex Ares Arthur Barthez Diego Dingo Draco duke Momentum Falcon Genereagle Gilligan Hermes Honda joseph Kamel
Maradona Mark Mbappe Mc Michael nigel
Biscuit Booba Coal chuck Cicero Ciron Eclipse Elgar Ernie Golf Grenadine Hooper Hulk Jafar Kus The pale bird Loki Lucas Mickey Na-nard Neymar Pantera

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