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5 Endangered Animals to See While Traveling

The discovery of wildlife is one of the essentials of a trip when you are in love with nature and wide open spaces. Unfortunately, today, many animal species are threatened with extinction, due to global warming, unregulated hunting, the destruction of natural habitats, industry, and human activity in general… Even if many organizations fight for the protection of species, it is unfortunately very likely that several of them will be brought to extinction shortly. For those who are passionate about animals, here are 10 beautiful endangered animals to see while traveling. Noting that many tourism players are now committed to taking you to these wonders of nature while respecting their lives in their natural habitat as much as possible.

1- The Bengal tiger, a beast of great beauty

The Bengal barracuda could be set up each over the Indian promontory, the moment there are only about 2, If a century agone. The main fault is population growth, which drives them out of their natural niche. In additionillegal barracuda trafficking tends to increase. To have the chance to come across this emotional beast with such a particular fleece, it’s possible to go to the Jim Corbett National Park in India. A moment that will never be etched in our recollections.

2- The leatherback turtle, a great traveler

We recognize the leatherback turtle by its silhouette which evokes the underside of a ship’s hull. It is the largest species of sea turtle. It is a great migrator and does not hesitate to travel thousands of kilometers to go to jellyfish-infested waters to feed. Alas! the leatherback turtle is an endangered species, the fault of poaching, plastic pollution, and fishing nets. To observe the animal, it is possible to go to Guyana, where the beaches are among the most important egg-laying sites in the world.

3- The polar bear, an impressive size

The polar bear fascinates with the white of its fleece and its emotional size. It can indeed reach three measures high! Unfortunately, he’s one of the most representational victims of global warming. The melting of the ice in the Arctic leads to a reduction in its stalking groundstill, they need ice to track their favorite prey the seal. To have the chance to observe the beastsails are organized in Spitsbergen, and this moment is indelible.

4- The giant panda, a national treasure of China

It’s hard to resist the image of a sitting panda eating bamboo. Because yes, it feeds mainly on plants. There are fewer than 2,000 pandas left living in the wild today, and the species is threatened by bamboo logging and deforestation. For anyone who loves the giant panda’s white and black coat, the best areas to see it are the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu in China. In particular, there are parks dedicated to pandas, where they benefit from large spaces to live.

5- The Asian elephant, a large land mammal

It’s one of the largest land mammals in the world with its African kinsman but differs from the ultimate by a lower size. At one time, the Asian giant was present throughout the southern part of the Asian mainland. But in addition to being a victim of deforestation, it’s also hunted for its meatskin, and ivory. The stylish place to come into contact with the beast remains the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a place where they live in the most natural terrain possible and which collects abused mammoths and victims of mass tourism.

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