7 perfect cat breeds for allergy sufferers.

They are adorable, their fur is soft, their purrs are soothing, and their presence is stealthy and independent. We love cats… even when we are allergic.

Although there is no magic cat, there are hypoallergenic cat breeds, recommended for people with allergies. Here they are.

1. The adorable Siberian cat

He is so beautiful! His long and dense hair could make people believe that he is to flee for anyone with an allergy. And yet! He is the most hypoallergenic cat in the world.

It is, in fact, known to secrete a very small amount of (beware scientific language here!) FEL D1. This is what makes us allergic! He is a large cat, very playful and gets along with everyone.

Calin, loyal, he loves spending hours with humans.

2. The velvet coat of the Cornish Rex

This cat has a very special coat! It has a single layer of very soft curly hair that generally does not fall out, which not only helps with cleaning, but also prevents the dispersion of this famous allergenic protein.

He is a very active cat: he loves to run, climb and play.

3.The funny Devon Rex

Close to the Cornish Rex, it has more hair, but produces little FEL D1. Very intelligent, he is playful, cuddly and affectionate.

And he has a little peculiarity when he is happy, he wags his tail… horizontally!

4. The strange Sphynx

Obviously, with so little (it’s an understatement!) of hair, it produces very little of the allergenic protein and it spreads even less!

Although he looks a little strange, he is a very affectionate cat, even pot of glue! And it’s a little curious.

5. The enigmatic Balinese

Kitty cat with blue eyes, Balinese cat It is from the same family as the Siamese. Its particularity is not to have down under its coat. These are the ones that are the most volatile and therefore the ones likely to disseminate the FEL D1 protein, a protein that it also secretes less. Like the Siamese, he is talkative and seeks attention. Agile, he likes to be in height. Friendly, he finds it difficult to bear loneliness and likes to stay close to his master.

6.The little Korat

Domestic Korat cat resting looking into the camera

It has no down, and sheds very little hair. This cat is small and sturdy. It can live up to 25 years. He is so loyal and affectionate that he is nicknamed the cat-dog.

7.The elegant Russian Blue

Female Russian Blue cat, about 24 months old.

Its coat of hair is made up of a double layer and it produces very little FEL D1. Its double layer of hair makes sure to also retain the offending protein close to its skin, which prevents it from spreading!

Discreet, tender and intelligent, it is a perfect cat for calm people, as it appreciates silence and tranquility.

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