5 animals to own in your house

If man likes to surround himself with and own animals, most often cats, dogs or birds, some people sometimes opt for quite unusual species. In addition to reptiles and insects, fennec foxes, monkeys and many other animals now keep humans company. Hedgehog, skunk, sugar glider, serval, these are some unusual pets.

  1. The capybara

The capybara resembles a giant hamster. Le plus grand des rongeurs originaires d’Amérique du Sud serait, selon ceux qui en possessent, de très bonne compagnie. Social, il est habitué à la vie en groupe et semble bien appreciaire la presence d’humans et even d’autres animaux. Si vous considerez en adopter un, n’oubliez pas que c’est un animal semi-aquatique et que la baignade est donc une de ses activités favorites.

  1. The Hedgehog

This small insectivorous mammal related to the mole is well known for its quills and despite everything, some adopt this animal, more particularly the African white-bellied hedgehog. The spines of the hedgehog are indeed smoother and less prickly than those of the porcupine. A hedgehog would even make a charming companion…provided you take it in the ”thorn” sense.

  1. The goat

The dwarf goat can go from the wild to the living room and prove to be a very endearing animal. Nicknamed the toy or mini-dwarf, the dwarf or pygmy goat is even rather affectionate. As you can see below, she can also get along with your cat or dog, if you give her the chance.

  1. The sugar glider

The sugar glider, or sugar glider in English, is a small gliding marsupial found in Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania. Although they make us look pretty, we must know that they are nocturnal beings and that it is better to have a schedule adapted to their way of life. You should also avoid owning this animal if you live with children, since the ”little glider” still has sharp teeth and claws.

  1. The skunk

The skunk, although very often confused with the polecat, is above all famous for its smelly secretions and its black and white striped fur. Those who adopt it have the glands secreting the famous nauseous liquid removed when the animal is still very small, in order to enjoy its company, without worrying about being “watered”.

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