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Basic equipment for dogs

There are so many types of dog pet supplies that we may wonder what is really necessary and what is fancy. Realistically, there are several factors that contribute to a happy and healthy life for your dog. Start by meeting your dog’s basic needs and practicing responsible dog ownership. Then continue with the details such as B. Choosing pet supplies for your dog. In order not to overdo it, you need to determine what kind of pet accessories your dog really needs to complete his life. Here is a summary of the main types of pet supplies available for dogs today.

1. Dog collars

Every dog ​​must have a collar or harness, period. This collar or harness must ALWAYS be fitted with your dog’s current identification tags. Microchips are a great way to supplement ID tags, but they are not an acceptable substitute if your dog is lost. In addition to identification, collars or harnesses with leashes are used to walk and restrain your dog. Plus, they’re a great way to show off your dog’s (and yours, too) personal style!

2. Dog leashes

Every dog ​​needs a leash, and everyone needs to be trained to walk on it. Chances are your dog is subject to leash laws at one point or another, even if your area doesn’t have leash laws. You might even want to keep multiple types of leashes around the house for multiple purposes. For fun, you can coordinate your dog’s leash and collar to maximize style. So walk your dog regularly!

3. Dog beds

Your dog should have a special place to snuggle, whether it’s an old pillow that’s perfect or a special dog bed. Dog beds come in many designs to meet the needs of all types of dogs. Try to get a bed for every dog ​​in the house, plus an extra one. Or you can buy a bigger bed for dogs that like to share.

4. Kennels

kennels or crates can be a wonderful thing for most dogs. Like a dog bed, a kennel can provide your dog with a sanctuary where they can feel safe. Crate training is an integral part of slumping and can play a role in other types of training as well. Kennels can also be very useful when traveling.

5. Dog toy

There are very few dogs who do not enjoy their toys.Some prefer a loud and squeaky toy, while others may want to play fetch or tug-of-war. Play is an important part of your dog’s development. Playing with toys often mimics activities that dogs would engage in in the wild, such as B. chewing or fetching. Plus, they help keep your dog active and stimulated.


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