Cat:Advice from an expert for petting your cat properly

Cats: a British behavioral expert reveals what to do (and not do) when petting her cat.

Does your cat seem reluctant to your petting? Maybe you’re just not using the right method to please him. As the Daily Mail reports, an expert recently gave valuable advice to cat owners in order to know precisely the actions to adopt so that these caresses are really a pleasant moment for their felines.

  First thing to know:

Cats do not like to be stroked around their paws, sides and throat. They would also appreciate rather little the caresses on the belly. If your cat nevertheless allows herself to be petted in these places, it may be because she is hoping to be fed after having suffered this uncomfortable moment.

  • The face is the best place

According to behavioral expert the best way to do this is to pet them around their face, especially under the chin, on the cheeks and at the base of the ears. According to the specialist, these areas of the face have skin glands that produce odor. Stimulating these areas would therefore be something very pleasant for the cat.

If cats therefore seem a little difficult to please, the expert explains that they are not very tactile and social as a species. They could also feel these caresses, yet a sign of affection, as a threat. They will therefore not hesitate to let it be known that they are badly caressed. The expert points out that cats tend to wag their tails, turn their heads abruptly or freeze to signal their annoyance. So many signals sent that would be misinterpreted by many cat owners, according to the expert.

So, from now on, no more excuses to subject your cat to uncomfortable strokes.

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