Interesting facts about giraffes that no one knows

Seeing a giraffe in real life is an exceptional and very memorable experience. They are elegant animals with a unique appearance, with their noble bearing and long necks. The first curiosity to mention is that each giraffe has a unique pattern of spots specific to each specimen. It is part of their DNA.
Giraffes are impressive animals that look like a weird but interesting cross between a camel, a diplodocus (long-necked dinosaur), and a leopard (for their color). They are herbivorous and very calm animals.
Giraffes often arouse a lot of interest and questions among people who see them for the first time.
Giraffes sleep little, they are very calm but stay awake most of the time. They only sleep between 10 minutes and two hours a day, which seems to be enough time for the proper functioning of their organism. They spend most of their lives upright and do almost everything in this position, even sleeping and giving birth.
Man has much to learn from the behavior of giraffes. These animals are not only calm but also extremely peaceful. It is very rare to see them fighting, even during the courtship ritual which never lasts more than 2 minutes and during which the males intertwine their necks to seduce the female.
Giraffes also drink very little water. Indeed, they obtain it directly from the plants and fruits on which they feed. They can drink only once in several days without becoming dehydrated.


As mentioned above, each giraffe is unique. They all have a unique spotting pattern that varies in size, shape, and even color. Males are darker than females. This particular trait is very useful for researchers and allows them to identify each individual more easily.

Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world. Even newborn giraffes are taller than any human being. They are true athletes who can reach speeds of 20 km/h and travel up to 4 m in a single stride.

The giraffe uses its 50 cm tongue as a hand with which it can grab and support everything. This is what is called a “prehensile tongue”. The same phenomenon occurs with the trunk of elephants.

Other curiosities

Giraffes communicate mainly non-verbally. This is why many people believe that giraffes do not make noise, but this belief is wrong. Indeed, giraffes produce sounds similar to those of a flute, with hissing and hissing sounds. They also emit other sounds with a pitch and frequency too low for the human ear. For experts, this aspect of giraffes remains a world to discover.

Some new religions such as the “New Age” consider the giraffe as a symbol of flexibility and intuition. Its scientific name, Camelopardalis, means “the camel marked like a leopard, which walks quickly”.

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