Bear and their Types in the world


1-North American black bear –

Ursus Americanus – coat color – black, bluish-black, brown, white (Kermode or Spirit Bear). The North American black bear is the most widespread bear in North America, from the state of Florida to Canada and as far north as Alaska. The black bear’s black and tan color phase is common. The white color phase is less common in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. The black bear is omnivore.

Their diet consists mostly of plant foods.Males attain their complete length at round eight years of age. Females mate and give birth to young between 5 and 7 years, 8 years and older in boreal forest regions (Ontario). Males weigh up to 280 kg (600 lb), sometimes much more.Black bears stay up to twenty-five years withinside the wild.Older bears have been documented, however, due to human activities (hunting), most bears never reach old age.

2-Brown Bear –

Ursus Arctos – Various subspec ies.The brown undergo is determined in Alaska, western Canada, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming elements-ming. Small man or woman populations are scattered in components of Europe and Asia.

Russia currently has a healthy population of brown bears.Brown bears range in color from almost black, brown to very brown or blonde.

Size varies widely depending on geographic location and general food availability. The largest bears, the “Big Browns”, live on the coasts of Alaska and Russia, reach very large sizes and compete with polar bears.

Bears in the interior of the North American Rocky Mountains (grizzly bears) and in the mountains of Europe tend to be much smaller. Very large bears (700 kg and more) are now very rare.

 3-Polar Bear –

Ursus Maritimus Polar bears are among the largest bears in the world. Adult males can reach a weight of 800 kilograms (kg) or 1,760 pounds (lbs). In Ontario, the largest male bear recorded in “live capture” studies weighed 654 kg (1,439 lb).

The common weight of male polar bears in Ontario is ready 500 kg. Adult females are smaller, weighing around 300 kg on average. Their maximum weight usually does not exceed 400 kg (880 lb)

4-Asiatic black bear,

Himalayan bear, moon bear – Ursus thibetanus Asiatic black bears have a long black coat with a distinct white patch on the chest, often in the shape of a crescent. The fur across the shoulders and neck is especially lengthy and the ears are tremendously large.

Asiatic black bears stay in East Asia which include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Islamic Republic ofIran, Japan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Laos People’s Democratic Party, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia .

Federation, Taiwan and Vietnam.Asiatic black bears are extra carnivorous than their American counterparts, even though simplest a small component in their weight loss plan includes meat.

This consists of small mammals, birds, fish, mollusks and carcasses. They also feed on herbs, fruits, berries, seeds, insects and honey.

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