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Top 5 pets other than dogs and cats 

Do you want a pet without necessarily having a dog or a cat? Mouse, fish, rabbit… Discover our top 5!

The dog asks to be taken out regularly. The cat leaves hair all over the house… Certain constraints can dissuade you from having an animal in your home. Yet you still want to adopt one to keep you company. Because there are not only dogs and cats, discover 12 original pets!

  • Why have a pet?

Adopting a pet is beneficial in every way. First, if you rescue him from a shelter, you will make him happy by offering him the good life. Also, pets have benefits for you, master and mistress. They help you fight against loneliness if you are alone, get you moving and therefore maintain your physical activity. In addition to bringing good humor to the house, a pet will occupy and empower your children.

A NAC is a New Pet, meaning a pet other than dogs and cats. They are divided into several categories: rodents, birds, snakes, fish… Before embarking on the adventure of adoption, it is better to find out about their living conditions: adult size, food, natural habitat … Avoid impulse purchases and do your research beforehand. Certain species such as the spurred tortoise or the iguana can be adopted provided you have a prefectural declaration and a certificate of maintenance capacity.

  1. The goldfish

The easiest pet to care for is goldfish! Apart from (clean) water and food, he doesn’t ask for anything else!

  1. Ferrets

In addition to being cute, the ferret is a very easy-care animal. l He sleeps between 16 and 20 hours a day, which makes it easy for him to adapt to apartment life.

  1. The parakeet

The parakeet is a small, easy-care and independent pet. However, remember to clean his cage regularly.

  1. The snake

Incredible but true ! The snake is a nice little pet to have at home! This kind of reptile requires little maintenance.

  1. the hamster

The hamster is a pet adapted to life in an apartment because it is very easy to maintain! However, remember to clean its cage well to avoid the development of diseases.

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